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Predrag M. Maksimović
Web Site

Various Interesting Files
in Serbian and in English and also in Funny

Portal to Media


The Famona Times - Useful Portal to the News

Politika (Serbian Daily News)

NIN (Serbian Weekly Magazine)

BBC in Serbian

BBC in English

Balkan Times in Serbian

Serbian Cafe in Serbian

Deutsche Welle in Serbian

New York Times

How Stuff Works


Vic (in Serbian)

Mpilo Central Hospital

Mpilo Medical Journal
Mpilo Faculty
Mpilo Otolaryngology
Mpilo Otolaryngology Staff
Mpilo Surgery
Mpilo Staff
Mpilo Central Hospital


New Family Photos - Part 1

New Family Photos - Part 2

New Family Photos - Part 3

New Family Photos - Part 4

Lesley in Bulawayo

Go to Some Private Stuff


District Conference 2003 in Bulawayo
Brunch at Bonds
Early Detection Programme
Bulawayo Rotary Club
Rotarians Visit Dete
American Rotarians' Donation to the Mpilo Central Hospital


New!!! A Friend in Australia

Nenad Mirković, Dental Surgeon, Vienna, Austria

Dragana Jevtović - Pottery, Singing, Opera and Family

Odi and Mirjana Vakos: Jacana Lodge
a "place" to stay in Bulawayo

Jasmina Ilić, Civil Engineer
Integrated Engineering Group, Stewarts and Lloyds, Baldwins Steel

Simeon Sima Cvijetić, SCUBA Diving Instructor
Belgrade, Serbia - Canj, Montenegro

Katarina Zarić, Artist, Belgrade, Serbia

Otorhinolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery

For All Otorhinolaryngologists - Head and Neck Surgeons

Tumor of the Parotid

Scissors in the Ear

Tonsils by Dr Nebojša Rakić, OTOHNS. Newspaper Article in Serbian

Cummings' Textbook of ENT. Various Chapters in .PDF format

Otolaryngology Publications

Various Otorhinolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery Files - I

Various Otorhinolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery Files - II

T. R. Bull: Colour Atlas of ENT Diagnosis (Sorry, only text! - .PDF)

Converse - Chapter 38 (.PDF)

Converse - Chapter 39 (.PDF)

Converse - Chapter 43 (.PDF)

Various Otorhinolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery Files - III

Dennis Pashen, Maurice Stevens: Management of epistaxis in general practice.
(Australian Family Physician, Vol 31, No 8, August 2002.)

Renee Shilkin and the guys down-under did a nice job!!! - Check!


Martial Arts

Practical Pistol Shooting

SCUBA Diving

Mountain Climbing



Personal African Experience


Old Friends


Various Language Files


Various Paintings


Bombing of Yugoslavia

Bombing of Aleksinac, Serbia

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